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Vietnam Delta Tour  Joint Stock Company (VNDELTATOUR) from Vietnam would like to send you the best wishes! If your websites are related to tourism, travel (visa, hotel, flight, restaurant, car arrangement, tour,…), we would like to invite you to share our business together by link exchange with us. Please kindly see our information below:


Founded in 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam, VNDELTATOUR has nearly 10 years of operating inbound and outbound tours (include full services as Visa, air ticket, hotel booking, car arrangement, tour…). Our company has been receiving many positive feedbacks from customers.

In order to continue to contribute to promoting the brand of Vietnam travel to domestic and international customers, we are linking up advertising services through the electronic portal about Vietnam tourism to customers (under VNDELTOUR) through our websites (updated every day):

2) How to Exchange Links with VNDELTATOUR

Option 1 –  Use the following reciprocal text link on your website

– Title: Urgent Vietnam visa, Expedited Vietnam Visa on Arrival, Rush Vietnam visa, Emergency Vietnam visa 

– URL:

– Description: Get Vietnam visa approval letter within 15 minutes, the fastest Vietnam visa service

  Or copy HTML code below and paste into your website

<A title=”Emergency visa vietnam” href=” alt=”Emergency visa vietnam”>Emergency visa vietnam</A> – The Fastest Vietnam visa provider in Hanoi, Vietnam. Provide Emergency Vietnam Visa, Expedited Vietnam Visa on Arrival only in 15 minutest. Professional service and 100% visa success. Visit us

If you are interested in exchanging a link with us, send us an email at with the subject “Exchange a link”. In the email, also mention your site URL, Title, Description of your website, and Reciprocal URL. We will link your back to our websites.

Option 2 –  Public an article with a backlink

We accept the guest posts, you can make send us the article and send us at  to take a look first if it matches in our site we can post your article then send links for you. Next, we will send our article back for you to post in your site, please send the link where our post is placed.



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