Travelling Ha Long and Messages Conveying the Meanings of “Ha Long Smile”

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A ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of Ha Long Bay’s recognition as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site was held in Quang Ninh province on November 1 with a theme “Ha Long smile”.

1. Quang Ninh is proud of the tradition of hospitality, Keep smiling brightly with friendly activities to welcome visitors to Quang Ninh and set a date to come back. By joining the program “Halong Smile “, every hotel, restaurant, cruise and destination is becoming an ambassador representing Quang Ninh tourism brand. Let’s welcome visitors with your smiles and your hearts.

2. Quang Ninh’s a national and international tourism center which annually welcomes millions of visitors to visit and tour. Enthusiastically participating in the program “Halong Smile ” is the practical contribution to invite visitors to the Quang Ninh province, and also as a cultural activity to build a new cultural lifestyle: civilized and friendly . Quang Ninh Tourism welcomes you with smiles and its heart.

3. We believe that the program “Ha Long Smile” will be positively engaged by the majority of official staffs and residents in Ha Long city in particular and in whole Quang Ninh in general. The satisfaction of visitors is both a goal and driving force to build Halong city become an international tourist city.

4. Halong Smile is the sincere sentiment of Quang Ninh people to welcome visitors and investors to Quang Ninh in order to jointly develop the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, science and technology and environmental protection.

5. On the occasion, the province launched a program “Ha Long smile” with a view to developing the local tourism sector. It also aims to help change the public’s awareness and turn Quang Ninh into a land of smiles, hospitality and sociability.

Earlier, Quang Ninh held a series of activities to mark the anniversary, such as exhibitions of photographs and souvenir products on Ha Long Bay, and workshops on the preservation and promotion of the natural heritage value of the bay and businesses’ involvement


Nine leaders of Quang Ninh province officially launches  the messages of Ha Long smile.

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