What is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

As located in the North of Vietnam, Halong Bay has 4 different seasons, therefore you can choose any season that you like.

Warm Spring

In the spring, there is still light rainy and foggy weather but the sky is much clearer than in the winter. This is the time of flowers blooming and swallows flying over the bay. Besides, the sun shines constantly all day, and the sea is gentle and calm. With this weather, tourists can truly experience the best of Ha Long as they are cruising slowly around and staring at the breathtaking scenery.

Ha long in Spring

Ha long in Spring

Hot and Moist Summer

Summer brings clear views of the stunning islands and pleasant swimming temperatures, the sun rises from the very early morning and shines till 7 pm in Halong, which makes you feel the daytime is longer than the night time. This season also gives you the perfect chance to have tanning skin and is an ideal time for cruising and kayaking. On the other hand, from July and August, there may be infrequent typhoons so sometimes you will have to cancel or delay your trip.


Ha Long beach

Ha Long beach

Cool Autumn

Autumn is also a perfect time for couples or small families to have private lifetime experiences together while sailing through Ha Long Bay. The average temperature is lower than 27°C, so you can enjoy the cool and pleasant atmosphere. From October onwards, it is the ideal time for tourists to take a cruise on the bay. This wonderful weather is suitable to enjoy all activities offered onboard while making sightseeing as perfect as it has to be.

Cold and Dry Winter

Winter normally arrives at Ha Long Bay in November and gets much colder in January and February. The highest temperature reaches only about 20°C and it can drop to about 8°C. However, tourists still can take a boat cruise in Ha Long Bay in winter. Although swimming is not suitable, you can join a lot of exciting activities in this season and you may also admire the thick fog that possesses a mysterious beauty.

Ha Long in clouds

Ha Long in clouds

In general, the best time for traveling Halong Bay will be from April to October because, at that time, the weather is quite cool and nice. However, you can also come here in the winter months. The weather can be quite cold and cloudy, sometimes rainy but it will be the best time for a private trip with a fanciful scenery of the islands between clouds.

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