Another Sapa in Binh Lieu Quang Ninh

“A miniature Sapa” is the most common nickname of Binh Lieu district in Quang Ninh province, which has risen to become a favorite tourist attraction for holidaymakers over the recent years.

The winds on the autumn days are so cool that making the soul gets lost in the heavenly place in the sweet and enchanting air. Therefore, every time when the autumn comes, people eager to carry the backpack and travel, making the heart be immersed in the poetic scene of the most romantic time of the year. Not Dalat with thousand flowers, not Sapa Vietnam miraculous covered with mist all year round or Phu Quoc with blue clear water, Binh Lieu, the new “hot” destination which is attracting tourists by the beautiful ‘kingdom of reeds flowers”. The white reeds flowers overwhelm the whole region, shaking in the wind, evoking beautiful dreams that make anyone is also enchanted.

Sống lưng khủng long” Bình Liêu đang vào mùa cỏ lau đẹp như một ...

Binh Lieu road is located in the western border of the same name, adjacent to China’s Guangxi province, about 120km from Ha Long city. Standing in Binh Lieu, travelers have a strange feeling on the border, will free to admire the scenery of the country and the beauty of the landscape beyond the landmark of the country.

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As it borders China, Binh Lieu has a great number of border markers. They are situated on a mountain road that runs for 50 kilometers and is about 700m above sea level. Among the border markers, visitors shouldn’t miss visiting those numbered 1300, 1302, 1305, and 1327 to grasp panoramic views of the district.

For the climate, the regional climate this time of the year exhibits all four seasons throughout the day. In the morning, tourists wake up to cold gusts of wind and misty air. By noon, the weather develops a summerlike heat with bright rays blasting down on the mountain. As dusk creeps in, spring arrives with its foggy showers.

What things to explore in Binh Lieu?

To conquer Binh Lieu and be harmonious yourself into the vast grassland, tourists can travel along the road from Binh Lieu town to Hoanh Mo district and turn right to Ngan Chuong village in Luc Hon. Continue to walk a little bit and then turn left according to the instructions of the local people, passing the 8km road, visitors will reach the milestone 1300, 1302 and 1305 – the highest point of Binh Lieu. Although the road is not short, it is quite easy for visitors to go through because it is built by concrete. Before coming to the romantic reeds flowers, visitors also have the opportunity to view the lifestyle of the Dao Thanh Y people when passing through the villages.

Bình Liêu - “Sapa thu nhỏ” của Quảng Ninh Đẹp Quên Lối Về

The road is located on the hill. Wandering on the land of the border will make you feel that you are still roaming on the back of the ‘giant dinosaur’ still burying themselves in deep sleep. The stairs are continuous, bringing the soul of the traveler to space full of dreaming beauty. Just giving out the hand, you are able to embrace the hills full of green grass.

The old village of Thai ethnic in Binh Lieu

Chi Tiết Những địa điểm Bạn Có Thể Khám Phá ở Bình Liêu - Sapa Thu ...

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