Exploring differences of each season on a Ha Long Bay overnight cruise

Ha Long Bay, without a doubt, is definitely a  wonderful destination to spice up your holidays whether it is summer or winter. Besides all of the beautiful view of limestone mountain or the pure flow of water, Halong Bay is also famous for its one and only feature: Halong Bay overnight cruise.

Any tourists who have experienced the greatness of Halong Bay on an overnight cruise, they understand clearly how tremendous this place is. It is the best way to see special features of all 4 seasons of Halong Bay. To answer the question of the best time to travel to Halong Bay, we must first know what each season of Halong Bay will be and see will it suitable for you.

a. Experience Halong Bay Overnight Cruise in Spring (from January to March)
First of all, spring is the one which gives life to Halong Bay. The moment from January to the beginning of April, the weather could not be better for a cruise trip. With the warming sun after harsh cold weather of Halong December, limestone mountains appear with the color of green from total plant formation covering nearly full of that mountain. Trees and moss grow stronger and the atmosphere has never been fresher.

Of course, the weather of Halong in spring may still be a little bit cold, include with some drizzling rain. However, a special feature of spring in Halong Bay which will give tourists a new feeling is fog. Halong Bay spring is covered by some thin layers of fog left from the winter, as a unique thing which only appears in Halong Bay. Even though fog may make cruise and junk boat being harder to sail, the feeling of going through multiple layers of fog creates a dreamlike and illusory experience that guesses could never forget.

Ha Long Bay in Spring

Ha Long Bay in Spring

b. Experience Halong Bay Overnight Cruise in Summer (from April to July)
It will be a mistake if we do not mention summer as a great season to have a Halong Bay overnight cruise trip. Needless to say, summer is always a perfect time for a trip to the beach and joining yourself in interesting activities such as exploring caves, mountains, cycling or swimming. Halong Bay is no exception, people come here every year at this time in order to have for themselves a nice holiday. You will enjoy these 2 wonderful features if you visit Halong Bay in summer:

Great weather! Yes, it might be hot, but the beauty of Halong will appear and there is no better way to experience it other than an overnight cruise. Going to the beach, kayaking and other activities are all perfect to take part in.


Ha Long Bay in Summer

Ha Long Bay in Summer

c. Experience Halong Bay Overnight Cruise in Autumn (From July to September)
Starting from July, Halong Bay cruises will meet many obstacles, preventing them from sailing and serving their customers. Due to the fact that the rainfall is going to be more and more heavy, rising up the humidity of Halong Bay up to 77%, trips on cruise will mostly be delayed or canceled. Because they are the months of storms and typhoons, Halong Management Board may not permit any cruise to sail to ensure safety for passengers. Therefore, we definitely recommend to avoid going on a trip of Halong Bay overnight cruise on these months.

Ha Long Bay in Autumn

Ha Long Bay in Autumn

d. Experience Halong Bay Overnight Cruise in Winter (From October to December)
Even though local people prefer summer at Halong Bay to winter, the foreigners usually in contrast. With the average temperature of 16 OC, Halong Bay winter is covered by a thick layer of fog, not just a thin one like spring. Travelling by cruiser to Halong Bay in winter, tourists will have a chance to see Halong in a dimmer colour of nature. Especially, you will have an opportunity to dim yourself in the feeling of floating on a heavily foggy sea among limestone and cliffs and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. People come to Halong Bay cruiser in winter to know how beautiful Halong could be in the most amazing sunrise and sunset covered in a mysterious shadowy fog background, which is a different feature that no place could have.

Ha Long Bay in Winter

Ha Long Bay in Winter

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