Halong Bay Weather

Halong Bay has a tropical hot climate, with two very different weather patterns: hot and wet in the summer months, and dry and cool in the winter. Temperatures typically vary from around 14°C – 32°C so it is relatively temperate all year round.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Spring & Fall

Deciding on the best time to visit will depend on your personal preferences. As many people prefer the cool, dry weather of Spring and Fall, the peak visiting times tend to be from March to April and September to October. During these months, you can expect more sunny days, a cooler breeze and calmer weather. A minor shower is to be expected occasionally, but they rarely last long enough to disrupt visitors’ plans.

Ha Long Bay in Spring

Ha Long Bay in Spring


Summer lasts from around May to September, and in this time, the air is hot and humid. This warmer weather helps create beautiful sunsets, viewable at times when there is no rain or fog. While the promise of summer heat can be tempting, the months of July to September are also the wettest, so visitors should check weather forecasts for signs of severe weather. Temperature high for these months is 32 °C.

Sunny day

Sunny day

Winter lasts from around December to March. These months are the coldest with temperatures dropping down to 12 °C – 20 °C on average with a low of 16 °C. This is also the dry season, not a lot of rainfall is to be expected.

If you like to sunt bath and enjoy windy weather, then you should definitely plan your Halong Bay trip in summer. However, if you like cool weather, you should go in Spring or Fall.

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