Exploring Quang Ninh museum and library

Location: In Cot 3 Area, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province.

Opening time: 8:00 Am – 11:30 am and 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm ( except Monday and holidays).

Quang Ninh museum and library has unique architecture, charming space and plenty of valuable artifacts.

Outside the Quangninh museum and library

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Designed by Spanish architect, Salvador Perez Arroyo, started to build in the end of 2012 and completed in October 2013, Quang Ninh Museum and Library is located on an area of nearly 24,000m² with a total investment of over VND 900 billion. It includes 3 blocks of museum, library and convention connected together by an overhead bridge system. Inspired by the icon of coal, a typical mineral of Quang Ninh Province, the building is a symbol on the most beautiful coastal road in Ha Long City. Especially, the building is assembled with 14,000m² of glass that has resistant to temperature changes. Thanks to specific architecture, the building looks like a giant mirror reflecting the image of the world natural heritage, Ha Long Bay.



Inside the Quang Ninh museum

Quang Ninh Museum 

Coming to Quang Ninh museum, visitors will have the chance to admire a whale skeleton and sailboat models. The museum has three floors which represents the different stages of development of the Quang Ninh province; From ancient times to the present day, and from the mountains to the bay.

The first floor is designed unique architecture.


The first floor represents nature, it displays columns made of modern materials such as steel frame, tempered glass and especially the covering fabric with images of Ha Long Bay combined with light projection technology to make visitors feel like walking in a miniature space of Ha Long Bay

The second floor is designed according to a wooden boat to introduce Quang Ninh Province through periods of prehistory, proto-history, Bach Dang victory, resistance war against French Colonial and American Empire, and Truc Lam Yen Tu Buddhism culture.

In the third floor, visitors will visit display spaces of economic achievements, cultural identities and characteristics of ethnic groups in Quang Ninh Province; images of visits of President Ho Chi Minh to Quang Ninh; and artifacts used in mining, especially coal industry.

 Quang Ninh Library

Besides the museum, the Library block is designed in a modern style, the ground floor stores over 100,000 books titles of all fields.  The first floor consists of conference rooms, rooms for children, a screening room, a theater and a coffee shop. The pendent floor has room for businessmen, display room of books and newspapers, foreign language book room, internet room…

In the library, there are over 100, 000 books for all people

anh thu vien

The second floor is composed of general reading rooms, reading rooms for the disabled, a general book warehouse with over 200,000 titles and a conference rooms with the capacity of over 60 people.

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