Bái Tử Long-the pure maiden

Bái Tử Long bay is a part of Gulf of Tonkin in the Northwest of Vietnam. It contains a part of Halong, Cam Pha and Van Don insland. The bay is a complex of hundreds of big and small islands, among that there are many large islands where there are people inhabit.

Bai Tu Long bay

Bai Tu Long bay

It is said that if Halong bay is a sexy women, Bai Tu Long in constrast is a pure maiden.

There are a lot of legendaries telling the story of how the place was formed, which reflect the thousands years of building and protecting the country of Vietnamese people. One of the stories says once upon a time, the country was in danger of invasion, the God sent off the Dragon mother and her children to the place to help the inhabitants beat the invaders.

Bai Tu Long at dawn

Bai Tu Long at dawn

When the ships of invaders came, the dragons spitted out countless of pearls and gems, they fell into the sea and turned into countless of islands, creating the wall to stop the invaders. The ships were on the move at high speed and didn’t get enough time to slow down so they crushed into the islands and sank.

After beating the invaders, the dragons decided to stay at the place. The place where the dragon Mother settled down is nowadays Halong bay, where the dragon children stayed is Bai Tu Long bay.

Bai Tu Long as pure as a maiden

Bai Tu Long as pure as a maiden

The bay has hundreds of limestone mountains and islands forming various of famous scenes: Bài Thơ mount, Hòn Con Cóc, Hòn Tiên Ông, Hòn Con Rùa, Đầm Oan, Hòn Mặt Quỷ, Hòn Con Cò, Động Thiên Cảnh Sơn, Động Tam Cung, Động Mê Cung…. The complex of island includes many pieces with different size and height creating the picturesque scenes which is spectacular but still romantic.

The bay owns lots of stunning beaches as: Con Co, Van Don, Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Co To and most of them are still primitive.

Co To beach

Co To beach

Beside its natural beauty, Bai Tu Long also owns famous seafood, among that the most famous is Sa Sung, a marine creature looks like a big worm which brings the natural taste of Umami to dishes and super pricey.

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