Ha Long Travelling- Quan Lan Sea and Sand

Between chaos and worries of the life, you want to find a peaceful place, you want to leave your soul in the clear blue sea and watch the endless white sand, etc.? So why do not you come with Quan  Lan where the sky is one with the sea, and the endless waves and white sand. The wild and romantic beauty here may make any visitors heart-rending every time they visit.

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (1)

The pristine beauty of Quan Lan

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (2)

Quan Lan is highlighted with fresh green color of grasses and blue sky.

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (4)

A corner of the sea

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (5)

White and smooth sand

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (6)

The pristine sea with white sand and deep blue water

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (7)

Bumpy rocks

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (9)

The specialty of Quan Lan

halong-quan-lan-sea-and-sand (8)

Sweet and romantic Quan Lan by night

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