Visiting the Most World Beautiful Fishing Village in Ha Long Bay

If Ha Long Bay is a garden of natural castles on Earth, Cua Van fishing village is really a unique wonder of fishermen.

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The Cua Van fishing village is voted in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012) by tourism website The criteria for these villages include ancient and elegant beauty, keep characterized and traditional culture. Finally, chose Cua Van because it is a convergent place of all criteria. Cua Van fishing village is also listed as an ideal destination for relaxing by Huffinton Post.

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With the policy of returning the landscape and environment for the World Natural Heritage Halong Bay, on May 6, 2014, People Committee of Ha Long city displaced fishermen in the fishing village on the coast. Cua Van fishing village is still preserved and conserved for tourism services, including 12 houses (classes, cultural houses, etc.).

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Images and information of Cua Van fishing village in the past: peaceful and full of energy

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In a fishing village near Cua Van, there are more than 300 households, living on fishing. They built fishing houses along rock islands.

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Fishing villages usually locate far from shore, near mountain cliff as valleys on sea. There, fishing houses are placed one after another, small and lovely. Without hustle vehicle sound, just sound from fishermen and boats.

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Generations of fishing villages live on boats and associated with sea. They consider boats as their house, sea as their countryside, and associated with Ha Long bay by their soul and body. Children at the age of 4 know how to hold paddles for swimming.

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In fishing families on Ha Long Bay, all members work for fishing. Small children go fishing, elder children use fishing nets. Adults know all fishing techniques and teach their children catch fish and shrimp, etc.

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Such these conditions help fishermen live together and associate with sea. All activities are taken placed on sea.

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