Fried Snails With Chili Sauce


There are a variety of snails when visiting Ha Long bay such as: dish-like snails, buffalo horn-like snails, elephant ear-like snails, etc. Each type has its own processing and distinct taste. But the food fried dish snails with chili sauce is most attractive and is preferred by people at any age and even gourmets.

The dish snails look small, quite flat as a dish. This kind of snail will be cleanly washed, and then poured into pot without water, and added with chili sauce, finally cook it until boil.

It is a fried dish without oil, just sprinkle sliced lemon leaves. The dish has a typical fragrance and turns in to pink color with red and yellow dots, look very eye-catching. The fried snails with chili sauce are crunchy, greasy, rather spicy and served with vegetable, herbs. It is more suitable when served with beer.

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