Useful Things For Travelling and Bathing in Ha Long Sea

tam bien ha long

If you bathe in Ha Long at first time, let’s consider our below advice, it will be very useful for you trip to Ha Long.

Instead of bathing in a separate place, you should bathe in crowded ones in order that other people can help you if you get trouble. Before bathing, you should run or do exercise on beach to avoid cramp. Before going to the beach, you should prepare at least 2 bathing suits. Shorts, skirts, T-shirts will make you feel cool and refreshing. You should go sandals instead of shoes.

You should also bring a towel and swim goggles. If traveling with children, you should shop swimming floats for children or floating swimming chairs. Visitors should also bring sunscreen to protect your skin, especially should choose SPF of 30 or higher. Hats and sunglasses protect your eyes. In addition, eye drops, cotton ear swabs, shower gel, shampoo are also useful items.

Going with children, you should bring some dry food or drink to eat after bathing because physical activities will cause them hungry. Before bathing, you should ask local people a safe beach to avoid the risk of falling sand, jellyfish, sharp stones, etc. You should not swim too far from shore or to the deep points. The easiest way is that you should always notice limited flags or surrounding people. Be aware of falling sand and big waves that can take you away from shore.

Tourists should not bathe too long under sun or in mid-afternoon. Do not bring watches, jewelry especially necklaces to avoid being lost. When bathing in a group, it is advised to be divided into smaller groups for easier management. When playing games like speed boat, surfing, kayak, scuba dive, etc., you need to comply with safety requirements given by the tour guide. Not go far from the safe zone, avoid obstacles on sea in distance.

Do not let small children bathe when sea water turns cold. Instead, let your child bathe in swimming pool or play on sand. Food poisoning at coastal restaurants often occurs due to a large number of people. Therefore, you should not eat undercooked food. Moreover, you should bring colic drugs and medicated oil.

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