[Ha Long Specialty] Swimming Crab- A must-enjoy food in Ha Long

With similar shape to sea crab but “slender” than and softer shell, there are two types of swimming crab is lady crab and blue crab. The lady crab is described in fresh brown color, colorful patterns brown and white pink paddles.

swimming-crab-ha-long1Ha Long specialty- Swimming crab

The blue crab is described with light blue shell and claws, white dots, long and thin legs. You should choose firm and big crabs and good elasticity in their abdomen.

The swimming crab meat is tasty and nutritious. There are two popular dishes from swimming crabs: steamed and boiled but boiled crabs are preferred most. Swimming crabs are usually steamed with beer and a little lemongrass.

Phong Phang Palai Bay Seafood Restaurant Phuket ThailandMust-enjoy food in Ha Long

The dish must be enjoyed when it is still hot. Diners divided its body into two pieces; they will see yellow and firm roe, and then extract its white meat. It is often served with chili sauce. Finally, we use pliers to extract firm meat from the hard shell of claws. The dish is more delicious when it is served with white wine.

Swimming crabs are also used for hot pot. Crab meat makes the broth sweeter and tastier. The crab hot pot needs to be added with some spices, sour fruits, and salads (green cabbage or herbs).

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