Five Advice For A Perfect Ha Long Trip (part 1)

Ha Long has long been not only one of highlights of Quang Ninh tourism but also of Vietnam tourism on the eyes of Vietnamese people and international tourists. To have a perfect Ha Long trip full of fun and budget, you should take five below advice into account:

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  1. 1.      Best Time To Travel Ha Long

You should travel on weekdays and avoid holidays, New Year festival and other long holidays. Because in these time, service rates are usually high and service quality is not good. Moreover, it has not many options for you to choose services on weekends and on holiday.

A Perfect Ha Long Trip  (1)

Ha Long bay- summer destination

When it comes to the season, you should not visit Ha Long in June and July because of heavy rain. Therefore, you should travel Ha Long from March to May or later from August to October. This is suitable time to travel Ha Long with comfortable weather.

A Perfect Ha Long Trip  (2)

Sunset afternoon on Ha Long bay

2. Prepare Luggage

It is very important to prepare luggage carefully before your trip.

A Perfect Ha Long Trip  (3)

Sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses are indispensable

Ha Long is not only beautiful for wonderful bays but also attractive beaches. Like the other beaches, visiting the tourist area of Ha Long, your skin will be very vulnerable by the harsh summer sun. To avoid this, you should prepare a sunscreen with suitable SPS. Wide- brimmed hats and sunglasses will not only help you have beautiful photos, but help you avoid vulnerable skin after the trip.

A Perfect Ha Long Trip  (4)

Romantic sights in Ha Long bay

A Perfect Ha Long Trip  (5)

You should prepare a couple of soft sandals to take part in activities.

Indispensable activity in Ha Long tourism is to visit caves (quite wet and difficult terrain); hence, you should choose a couple of soft sandals to move easily.

A Perfect Ha Long Trip  (6)

Thien Cung cave- a stunning beauty

Hotels and hostels already prepared towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, but you should still carry your own because the quality is not as good as yours. If you want to swim, you should prepared swimwear. Phone and camera should be fully charged to get great photos here.

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