Van Long – Ha Long Bay Without Wave of Ninh Binh

“Van Long has the most crowded number of Delacour langur individuals of Vietnam”, “the largest natural picture of Vietnam” and was named “Van Long – Ha Long Bay without wave of Ninh Binh is a place you will visit in this summer!

About 82km from Hanoi to the south, the nature reserve Van Long  is located in the north of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, known as the land of legends, with beautiful resorts and is also the largest wetland natural reserve in the northern plain.

Van Long (2)

Nature reserve Van Long is beautiful as picturesque.

Van Long lagoon is an artificial lagoon located on the territory of seven communes of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. It was formed in 1960 from the embankment of over 30km long dike in the left bank of Day river to prevent flooding. And then Van Long has become a vast wetland with rock island and magnificent caves.

Van Long (3)

Van Long Wharf – the start of visitors to Van Long

Van Long (4)

Beautiful caves of Van Long

With an area of over 3,000ha, Van Long is a combination of extraordinary and sophisticate beauty. It has the most crowded number of Delacour langur individuals of Vietnam, about 100 individuals (a species in danger of extinction in the world), plant ecosystems of 722 species, 39 species of animals, and 100 species of birds.

Van Long (5)

Meo Cao Van Long mountain- a popular tourist attraction

Van Long (6)

Diversity of ecosystem in Van Long

Van Long (7)

Crystal blue water

Van Long (8)

Delacour’s langur in Van Long

Van Long (10)

Kem Tram Van Long- a favorite destination of many tourists

Van Long (11)

 “Ha Long bay without wave of Ninh Binh”

Van Long (12)

A wonderful Bong Cave (Shady Cave)

Van Long (14)

Don’t forget to bring camera when visiting this place

Van Long (15)

Van Long stork garden

Van Long (16)

Exploring Van Long with flocks of storks

Van Long (20)

Natural landscapes and human seem to be one

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