Dong Van Love Market In Highlands Quang Ninh

On occasion of April 4 (lunar calendar), people of ethnic minorities in the mountainous district of Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh eagerly go to Dong Van love market which is only opened once a year.

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Love Market is typical culture of Dao ethnic people in Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh Province, took place on April 4 (lunar calendar).

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The ordinance granting ceremony is an important ritual in the life of Dao men. It is re-presented at the Love Market. In granting ceremony, there are usually 3 to 7 sorcerers in charge of the different sections.

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On these days, people of ethnic minorities stop their all work to go out and participate in cultural activities like singing, blowing trumpets, throwing, tug-of-war, stick pushing and drinking. In the picture is a part of Chung cake contest of ethnic peoples in Dong Van.

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Love Market is a space for unfinished lovers who have the opportunity to meet again. Coming to the Love market, all the jealous no longer exists, it is “gone with the wind” to the peak of Cao Ba Lanh mountain.

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Dao ethnic people think that on days of Love Market, men as well as women are free to do what they like. They are able to meet their old boy/girlfriend, even drunk. Inside the Love Market, Mrs. Chiu Thi Hoa, in Na Choong village, Hoanh Mo commune, Binh Lieu district said: “Normally just my husband gets drunk, but today is the day of all people; hence we are free to be drunk without any complaints. Drink until my stomach cannot bear and my legs cannot stand.”

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Love market also sells many traditional products of minorities.

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Rolls of wool are used as costumes for Dao women.

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The Love Market involves not only Dao ethnic people, but also people of Kinh, Tay, San Chi and Chinese.

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