Helicopter Tour In Vietnam: Not Only For Upper Class

At present, the travelling by helicopter is not only for upper class; foreign tourists, but also for all passengers at the reasonable price. You can sightsee Ha Long bay from high position, travel Lao Cai, Dien Bien, etc. on luxurious helicoptersHelicopter Tour In Vietnam: Not Only For Upper Class.

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Travelling by helicopters is an attractive tour for a new experience to passengers.

When at the altitude of 300 meters, in blue sky, tourists can zoom out the beauty of Red river and Gulf of Tonkin, tourists might sightsee below landscapes through windows of the helicopter.

The speed and height of helicopter is lower than jet planes; hence it avoid the air sick when the helicopter takes off or land on. The helicopter is relatively large and comfortable for 22 passengers and their luggage during the flight. Moreover, tourists also visit the cockpit and talk with the flight crew.

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A tour of discovering Lao Cai by helicopter, from high position, tourists can see below landscapes of different regions.

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Miss Vietnam Jennifer Pham has experienced this interesting tour.

Now, the number of tourists who register to helicopter experience is increasing day by day. Except bad weather, in almost remaining days, helicopters are run to take off. Not as many people think, the helicopter tour is popularly registered by foreign tourists. At reality, many Vietnamese people are able to participate in this luxury and special tour.

At present, the helicopter tour is not only applied to Ha Long Bay, but also many tourist attractions such as Sa Pa of Lao Cai province or Dien Bien province. However, almost passengers like to get Ha Long by helicopter.

It is ony 45 minutes from Hanoi to Ha Long (165 km) and 3 hours by car. The important thing is that tourists can view this great magnificent natural heritage. Tourists might take photo of Ha Long from the helicopter’s window, just 5 minutes before landing on an airport on Cannon Hill or right on International Tuan Chau tourism zone. As schedule, tourists can get on boat to visit caves, beaches and Ha Long bay surrounding in 4 hours and have lunch on board with fresh seafood.

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From helicopters, tourists have a chance to zoom out the beautiful Vietnam.

Currently, the Helicopter Vietnam Corporation (SFC) has over 30 years flying experience with the helicopter service. With a team of over 120 pilots, 28 modern helicopters and this number is expected to increase up to 36 in 2020.

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