Discovering Vincom Center Ha Long

First time at the sea town, residents and tourists have chances to experience feeling of surfing on ice yard frozen from natural water and 100 mm thick.

The program “Discover a new shopping and entertainment center- Vincom Center Ha Long” takes place from September 19 to October 5. In such time, customers can enter website to answer questions to search in advance attractions of Vincom center Ha Long and receive one of 30,000 awards: ticket for Vinpearlland Ice Rink Hạ Long, education and entertainment area for children VinKE, cuisine voucher, gift from chocolate world Elance Chocolate, etc.

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Surfing on ice yard frozen from natural water and 100 mm thick

Vinpealland Ice Rink Ha Long, with area of 1,086 square meters, brings customers the feeling of surfing on ice yard frozen from natural water and 100 mm thick. It offers weekly skating programs and skating professional guidance classes.

VinKE is the playground of Quang Ninh kids. Developed on an area of ​​3,300 square meters, recreation and vocational education center VinKE provides hundreds of modern games to help children train both intellect and physic and vocational games with models as : fire Department, police Department, Hospital VinKE, VinKE television, Post office VinKE, etc.

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The playground of Quang Ninh kids

Vincom Center Ha Long also has CGV cinema in the area of more than 2,200 square meters with advanced theaters according to international standard. It brings together many diverse industries, from fashion products, accessories, perfume, beauty products to household appliances, furniture, stationery, etc. Famous domestic and international brands presence such as: Giordano, Lee, G2000, Elise, Eash, Easy Spirit, Ak Club, Eash, Kelly Bùi, Valentino Creations, CK, Tissot, PNJ, Narsis, Lare Boss, Rayban, BATA, Narsis, PNJ, TNG, Blue Exchange, GenViet Jeans, etc.

vincom halong 3

Many famous fashion brands

The center own diverse cuisine world with tens of well-known restaurant such as: Master Beef, Gogi House, Thái BBQ, Lotteria, Food To Go, Kodo Café & Fastfood, etc. Diners will have multiple choices for Vietnamese traditional food, Chinese food, Korean food, Thai food, etc.

It is estimated to open on October 19, Vincom Center Ha Long is expected as a destination for shopping and recreation in a high-class and luxury space.

Vincom Center Ha Long is located at Watch Tower area, Bach Dang street. with total area of 37,000 square meters, the center has four floors and 1 under ground floor.

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