Yen Lap Lake- Loi Am Pagoda

ben do chua loi am

On traditional Vietnamese New Year holiday, the ferry to Loi An pogado is always crowded.

Location: relic complex Yen Lap lake- Loi Am pagoda, Dai Yen commune, Hoang Bo district, Quang Ninh province.

Characteristics: Yen Lap lake is an artificial lake with total area of 182 square kilometers, originally served for agriculture and now it becomes an ideal tourist attraction with many beautiful landscapes. On Loi Am mountain, there are relics of the pagoda in 17th century. In 1975, it was dammed to make a lake for irrigating districts: Hoang Bo, Yen Hung, Uong Bi, etc. with a total area of ​​182 square kilometers. After being completed, the water level rises here and hugs around the foothill to form a large lake together with fascinating floating natural islands such as:  Hands island, Soup island, Crab Island, Border island, etc. along with vast pine forests creating a poetic beauty. Visitors usually take a boat on the lake Yen Lap to Loi Am Pagoda for Buddhist ceremony and sightseeing. The pagoda was built in the 15th century on Loi Am Mountain. Experiencing the ups and downs of history, the temple no longer exists but still keeps the large space of the pagoda foundation with tower gardens, beer garden and trees dated to the 17th century.

Festival in Loi Am pagoda takes place on January 27 (Lunar calendar)

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