Bai Tho Relics Complex (Ha Long) -Poem mountain


Poem Mountain

Characteristics: this relic complex has important cultural and historic values. Because it has retained many poems carved in stone some kings who were inspired by the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Located in the center of Ha Long city, with altitude of 200 meters, Poem mountain is one of relics which has important values of culture and history. In the past, the mountain was called Truyen Dang. On February 1468, on occasion of visiting northern region, inspired by the magic beauty of Ha Long bay, King Le Thanh Tong made a poem and carved it on the south cliff. Then, the mountain was called De Tho mountain (the mountain for carving poems), and it was renamed Poem Mountain later. 261 year after (in 1729), on occasion of practicing military force on Southeast sea, King Trinh Cuong made a poem and carved near King Le Thanh Tong’s poem.

In addition, Poem Mountain was carved with poems of Nguyen Can and other poems. Right at the foot of Poem Mountain has Long Tien pagoda that was built in 1940 to worship Buddha and officers under Tran dynasty who had great merits to the country. The pagoda carried unique architectural style. There is a pathway near the pagoda leading to the Poem Mountain. In Doan wharf, there is a small shrine worshipping a talented general Tran Quoc Nghien (the first son of Tran Quoc Tuan) who has a great merit in the struggle against foreign invaders of the Tran dynasty, especially Mongol army in 1288. In 1913, the shrine was restored as it today.

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