Golden Turtle Cave in Ha Long


Sunset on Golden Turtle cave

Golden Turtle Cave is located on Dam Nam islet, with the top of mountain 187 meter high. It is followed by Soi Sim island and faces to Dam Bac islet.

The cave has 100 meters long, 5-10 meters wide. There is a nearby path and the sound of murmuring water all year round. Stalactites here have been being formed; therefore, they are very white and soft. In the final compartment of the cave appears Bach Dang battle pile, more than 30 ironwood piles of Tran Hung Dao who directed to place such these piles on Bach Dang River. Such these ironwood piles seems about to break down, but in fact they are extremely strong.

The cave is associated with the legend of Golden Turtle. It was said that after helping the king Le Loi defeat foreign invaders, the Golden Turtle took sword back and swam to the East sea. When Golden Turtle swam to Ha Long, the Turtle asked Warter King here eradicate demons. After eradicating demons, the Turtle was exhausted; hence, he found a cave to take forever rest.

Nowadays, in Golden Turtle cave, the Turtle is still in the sleep posture, with old wounds on his body.

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