Ha Long Night Market


cho dem ha long

A corner of Ha Long Night Market

Located near a beautiful Bai Chay shore, above is the international amusement park Royal, under is an old ferry, Bai Chay bridge runs over Cua Luc river up to the city center, Ha Long night market opens from 6pm until late at night. On every summer, it attracts tourists with lively colors of Ha Long, Ha Long night market becomes a must-visit address in this beautiful coastal city.

cho dem ha long2

Souvenir booth 

Located in the tourist resort complex Hoang Gia- Bai Chay, Ha Long night market is an interesting place for visitors after a day of walking and bathing on Bai Chay beach, eating seafood at Cai Dam, Hon Gai, they can choose themselves souvenirs here.

Ha Long night market consists of over a hundred booths, best sell is souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, bathing suits, backpacks, hats, and pearl handbags.

Souvenirs that most tourists select at Halong night market are the gift of the sea flavor. Cute key chains are made ​​from sea shells, beautiful ships, T-shirt printed with images of Ha Long and Tuan Chau.

Almost foreign tourists at Ha Long night market often come from Aisa, Thailand, China and some from America, Poland, France, etc.

Sellers are very welcoming, speak English frequently, tourists feel free to bargain and snap photo.

Going Ha Long night market one time, it is hard to forget colors of the beautiful sea city.

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