Ngoc Vung Island – Halong Bay Attractions


Ngoc Vung IslandĀ 

Ngoc Vung Island (Luminescent Pearl Island) – Ha Long attractions is located in Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. It’s about 34 kilometers far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. According to an old story told by the locals, Ngoc Vung Island used to be the residence of a rare species of pearl oyster.

Ngoc Vung Island (Luminescent Pearl Island) – Ha Long attractions is also known as Pearl Island. This beautiful island is located between two small rocky islands Hon Net and Phoenix Island of Van Don district. Looked from high view, Pearl Island is as beautiful as a velvet shawl with white fringes.

Today, people are still seeking pearls and do pearl farming. From on the cruise, you can see floating pearl farms on the sea surface. Located in the south of the island is Ngoc Vung beach, with approximately 3 km long sandy beach. Here visitors are able to bathe and sightsee. In addition, seafood here is very fresh and cheap, to be provided by the local fishermen.

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