Special Offer: Ha Long Travel By Seaplane

The Seagull Airlines has just cooperated with Paradise Cruises in order to promote a special offer for customers. Accordingly, the total package cost for each tour Halong in two days one night is VND 10.3 million/ person.

This offer is applicable on the occasion of opening the new and luxury package of travel services on Ha Long bay. The cooperative activity will provide unique and convenient tourism experiences for local and foreign tourists who are eager to discover new perspectives on the beauty of Vietnam.


The Seagull Airlines is the first private airlines providing seaplane tours in Vietnam with the high-class services for sightseeing.


Departing from Hanoi, tourists will be picked up by a private shuttle bus to move to the Noi Bai International Airport and can quickly do procedures, then entering the waiting room without waiting in line.


After 30 minutes on seaplane and admiring the beautiful panorama of Halong Bay as an ink painting at the altitude of 500-3000 meters, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy restful minutes on luxury Paradise Cruises, explore famous caves and learn distinctive features of Vietnamese culture.


From the seaplane, tourists shall have chance to admire great Ha Long bay. It looks like an ink painting.


Landing on Ha Long bay, tourists will relax on Paradise Cruises and let’s enjoy restful moments with a lot of interesting activities which are just in this special tour.


The combination between sightseeing on the seaplane and cruises on the bay will bring you interesting experiences to explore Ha Long in new way.

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