[Ha Long Travel] Cycling – Trekking on The Beach of Halong Bay

Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island is ideal trekking and cycling destinations to explore wild nature. There are lots of rare animals, including green and hawksbill turtles and golden-headed languor monkeys. When trekking on the beach, tourists will be free to enjoy cozy white sandy ground and gaze stunning seascape of Halong. We suggest the trekking in Ban Sen Island, Quan lan Island, Cat Ba Island and Titop Island.


You can cycle in some fishing villages such as Viet Hai village, Cat Ba island, Tuan Chau island.

One of the popular and cool things to do is a guided jungle trek in the Cat Ba National Park. It sounds quite an innocent and safe activity, but it is NOT and in fact can be quite dangerous. The guides usually offer two treks, an easier one lasting a few hours and a second more difficult lasting at least 6 hours. If you are not experienced, go for the first. If you do not have a reasonable level of fitness, don’t go at all. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes with a good grip on the ground and clothing that does not leave any skin exposed. If possible, have a first aid box with you.


Jungle trek in the Cat Ba National Park

Cycling in untouched regions is one of the great options for a real fishing village experience. In Halong bay, tourists will have chances to visit some fishing villages for exploring the life of fishermen and sightseeing beauty of fishing villages. Tourists could enjoy seafood that is cooked by local people.  It is a great fun and a naturally sociable way to meet villagers and fishermen.

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