Grilled Horseshoe Crab- A Well-Known Specialty On Cat Ba Island

Grilled Horseshoe Crab- A Well-Known Specialty On Cat Ba Island. Horseshoe crab can be processed into soup, salad or fried sour and sweet dish but the most favorite dish is the grilled horseshoe crab.

Cat Ba island is about 30 km from Hai Phong city center and is granted with a lot of landscapes together with rich source of seafood. One of the favorite marine animals here is horseshoe crab. With natural origin, horseshoe crab in Cat Ba is always fresh and become a must- eat delicacy when traveling Cat Ba in the coming summer days.

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Horseshoe crab usually travels in couple; hence it is easy to catch both when we see one.

Horseshoe crab is protected by a hard carapace. It weighs about 1kg for an adult female one and 500g for a male one. To catch this kind of marine animal, fishermen have to take the departure date and water raising time into account.

The horseshoe crab is processed into a variety of food such as: soup, salad, fried dish, porridge, etc. but most attractive dish is the grilled horseshoe crab. Especially, female horseshoe crabs in the breeding season bring a lot of eggs and become an unforgettable dish.

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Horseshoe crabs’ eggs are full of nutrition.

Just female horseshoe crabs are used to cook and the way to prepare is quite complicate and meticulous. The chef must remove its blood to maintain its original meat flavor. All fins, liver and organs are removed. The lower half of horseshoe crab is separated to be grilled and its eggs will be marinated with onion, spices and nuts, then grill it on charcoal.

After marinating horseshoe crabs with spices and putting on the grill until fragrant, we can enjoy it. The dish is usually served with sour grapefruits, pickled radish, herbs, roasted peanuts, fish sauce, garlic, peppers, onion, etc.

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Despite a specialty, it is very difficult to process the horseshoe crab dish to avoid poison and allergies; hence you need to choose a reputable restaurant to enjoy.

The breeding season is from October to February (lunar calendar), the number of restaurant serving this dish also increase more than other months in year. You can visit the chain of restaurants on 1/4 street or Nui Ngoc street in the town to enjoy.

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