Halong Bay Floating Villages

Floating village is a unique cultural feature of Halong Bay and also home to the original inhabitants of Halong with a long-lasting tradition. Visiting floating villages, tourists will have an insight into peaceful daily life of fishermen in the middle of Halong Bay.

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Cong Dam Fishing Village- The majestic and romantic beauty of mountains and sea at Cong Dam addicts anyone who has been here…see more


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Vong Vieng Fishing Village- It is about one hour from the port of Bai Chay, Vong Vieng fishing village is the second largest one in the bay after Cua Van fishing village…see more

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Viet Hai Fishing Village- Viet Hai Fishing Village is surrounded with sea, high mountains and jungle of Cat Ba National Park, Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong…see more

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Cua Van Fishing Village- The Cua Van fishing village is voted in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012) by tourism website Journeyetc.com…see more


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