Ha Long Crusie: The Viet beauty Cruise

Launched in July, 2014 with, The Viet Beauty Cruise with Finest Vietnamese Traditional features is absolutely a good choice for those planning to discover Ha Long Bay – one of New Seven Wonders.


The Viet beauty Cruise serves the best 5-star services.


Welcome the dawn among heaven immense sea with a delicious cocktail.

Now, if standing on Ha Long Bay, you will see a brown sail, strange that. In the afternoon, when the summer sunshine yellow dye breath cliff or scolded when winter makes smog obscure the surface, you will see a beautiful sail how brown it. Brown sails between heaven Ha Long vast sea, and over the long longitudinal deals ever loved anyone Ha Long.

The Viet beauty Cruise’s cabins are well-equipped with European quality and standard facilities and definitely meet all your requirements. Every cabin has ocean view window, en-suite bathroom, air-conditioner, reading table and so on. The Viet Beauty Cruise guarantees your pleasure and memorial trip in Ha Long Bay. Knowledgeable captains and well-trained staff who will make your cruise adventure unforgettable and enjoyable.

Mr. Horsham from England commented “We thoroughly enjoyed our 1 night cruise on Viet Beauty. Food delicious, cooking class enjoyable Thia Chi before breakfast and the visit to oyster farm was a bonus as we didn’t know we would be doing that. Kayaking, swim and visiting the amazing caves all fantastic. Thungh was a great guide and all staff pleasant.”

The Viet beauty Cruise (2)

And enjoy peaceful moments of life

The Viet beauty Cruise (5)

The Viet beauty Cruise brings ideal personal space for couples.

The Viet beauty Cruise (4)

The Viet beauty Cruise restaurant

Try once on The Viet beauty Cruise with brown sails at any given moment, you would see a wonderful Ha Long bay. There is probably no better place than Ha Long Bay to de-stress and re-energize.

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