Cong Dam Fishing Village- Ha Long Attractions


Cong Dam fishing village

The majestic and romantic beauty of mountains and sea at Cong Dam addicts anyone who has been here. The place is an outdoor geological museum and highlighted with stone park area and ranges of mountains.

It is a gathering place of a number of conifers, coral reefs, underground lakes and underground caves. Moreover, there are a lot of beaches here with white and smooth sand.

The special thing is that Cong Dam is a small ancient village remaining almost traditional cultures of fishing villages. You could feel free to chat with fishermen and listen their stories of fishing activities.

The number of visitors to Cong Dam fishing village is not much. Therefore, the scenery there has been remaining primitive and the environment is very clean. This area has many majestic lime-stone mountains and pristine coral reefs.

Coming to Cong Dam fishing village, tourists can embark in a guided kayak tour to see stunning seascape on the area around, try fishing with local experienced fishermen or explore its traditional fishing culture.

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