Ha Long Bay in Black And White Color On American Magazine

American travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler introduced an album of Ha Long bay in black and white color. It also suggests tourists interesting things when discovering Ha Long bay on cold winter days.

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (2)

Ha Long limestone island

The album was taken by an American journalist Lucy Sexton who is living and working in Hanoi.

Her tour departed from Hanoi to Ha Long (Quang Ninh) by within about 4 hours. In Hanoi early morning, guests can enjoy chicken noodle soup and behold Red River along your trip at Long Bridge which was built in 1899.

At Ha Long, from the Dragon’s Pearl cruise, tourists can enjoy panoramic blue water of the bay and thousands of limestone islands dating back 20 million years old.

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (7)

Enjoy chicken noodle soup before departing to visit Ha Long bay

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (3)

About 4 hours from Hanoi to Ha Long by car

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (1)

Dragon’s Pearl cruise

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (8)

Interior of Dragon’s Pearl cruise


Kayaking on Ha Long bay

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (6)

Fuzzy limestone islands in cold winder days

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (10)

Limestone islands dating back 20 million years old

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (11)

Visiting islands and bathing

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (4)

Admire stalactites and stalagmites in caves

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (9)

Practice Tai Ji Quan

Ha-Long-Bay-in-Black-And-White (5)

Goodbye Ha Long!

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