Vietnam In Embroidery Of Foreign Tourists

Instead of photography, a Singaporean tourist has embroidery on famous tourist destinations she visited including Toyko, London, Halong Bay, Hanoi, etc.  as a way of keeping memories of the trips.

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (1)

Teresa is a girl from Singapore, graduated from LaSalle Academy of Arts, majoring in fashion design and textiles. She loves to travel and has devised a unique way to preserve memories of her journey, it’s beautiful embroidery depicting where she had the opportunity to visit. Above is a embroidery of Ha Long bay.

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (2)

A Vietnam image was kept by Singapore when she had the opportunity to visit the outskirts of Hanoi.

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (9)

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (3)

Tokyo, Japan (left) and Serpentine waterfall, Australia (right)

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (4)

Prague, Czech

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (5)

Laufersweiler, Germany.

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (6)

Big Ben clock tower

Vietnam-In-Embroidery-Of-Foreign-Tourists (8)

Works in the project Wanderlust Sew of Teresa like a unique photo album.

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