Ha Long flower festival: Seven wonders take bloom

All the visitors to Ha Long will be able to enjoy the natural wonders of the world recreated in fresh flower displays at the flower festival, Ha Long city in the northern province of Quang Ninh from January 27 to February 20.


The event is part of the diverse activities held in preparation for the Lunar New Year festival (Tet) organised by Sun Group at the Sun World Ha Long Complex.


The seven wonders of the world to be erected in flower form are the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the legendary Colosseum in Rome, France’s Eiffel Tower, London’s Big Ben, the US’ Statue of Liberty, and Australia’s Sydney Opera House.

123The US’ Statue of Liberty with colorful flowers

Besides colorful flower roads and world wonders, visitors will be entertained by fascinating art programs like carnival shows of foreign artists from Sun World Ba Na hills, street band performances, traditional costumes of different nations, and a range of activities to welcome the New Year to the world.

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Tourists to Sun World Ha Long Complex can play hundreds of indoor games, enjoy the stunning views of Ha Long Bay from the Queen Cable Car,visit the Japanese garden, or meet their idols at the wax museum.

Maius Phiharmonic orchestra will also be present to delight audiences at the festival with pieces of Vietnamese music remixed with the world’s modern tunes.

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