Yen Tu Festival


Annually organized, started from January 10 to the end of March (lunar calendar). Yen Tu is a Buddhism center of Dai Viet country (Vietnam now) in the past and also the place of Truc Lam meditation sect. Tourists take part in Yen Tu festival to separate themselves from material life and journey to a sacred place among grand nature in order to find core value of national humanity.

Opening ceremony of the Yen Tu festival 2014 starts with procession and special art performance with theme “Yen Tu welcome spring”. Performance of lion dance with traditional dances recreated traditional cultural space.

The highlight of the Yen Tu festival 2014 is the statue of Tran Nhan Tong in An Ky Sinh- Yen Tu. The statue weighs 138 ton, 15 meters in high and is casted of bronze by manual method. Right in the festival, Vietnam Record recognized the biggest bronze statue in Vietnam and awarded the record certificate for Buddhist Church of Vietnam in Quang Ninh province and Hanoi Fine Art Company LTD.

The festival in this year gets more spiritual attraction than previous years. Before and in the opening ceremony, hundreds of pilgrims and Buddhist at home and abroad flocked to Yen Tu in spring for wishing and worshipping. The Yen Tu festival 2014 welcomed about 3 million visitors, increases by 2.1 million ones compared with the same period last year.

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