Beside traditional festivals, it must mention to a big event that is annually organized in July: Carnival Ha Long. Each year, Carnival is held with a typical theme, the theme in 2013 “Quang Ninh colors- Convergence and spread” for example.

Street Carnaval parade


The festival is organized with three main parts: opening ceremony, art performance and Carnival parade. One of the most important highlight of the festival has been maintained year after year is the street parade together with vibrant and attractive art performances which contribute to build brand of Ha Long Carnival. The street parades always involve crowd of locals and tourists.

Special art and culture activities

In 2013, Carnival Ha Long was organized with the theme “Quang Ninh colors- Convergence and spread”. The opening ceremony took place on March 27 with three main contents: opening ceremony, art performance and street carnival parade. Before and after the festival, Quang Ninh province held a lot of cultural and sport activities such as: sport award for the disadvantaged, cherry festival, Bun-pi-may New Year for Laos student, ceremony of receiving National heritage and 725 year Bach Dang victory, boat racing over Bach Dang River, and the program “Connecting loving arms for the disabled and orphans”, trade and cuisine fairs, beach volleyball tournament at Tuan Chau, etc.

Carnival Ha Long concentrates on deeply exploiting local cultural colors with the participation of thousands of professional and amateur actors/ actress. It can be said that this is an attractive art program and contributes to promote Quang Ninh culture to friends at home and abroad.

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