Brilliant Night Ha Long Carnival 2014

“Brilliant, impressive and unique”- is perceived by tourists to Ha Long Carnival 2014 with the theme “Quang Ninh – Convergence and Spreading”. From the harmonious combination between the themes, colorful costumes, laser lights and fireworks, this year’s Carnival exploited and maximized national identity and cultural values, cultural potentials – regional tourism in the province.

Today, introduces special images of Carnival Ha Long 2014:

halong 1

On April 30, at Hoang Quoc Viet street, Hung Thang ward, Ha Long city, Carnival Ha Long 2014 officially takes place.

halong 2

The festival attracts more than 10,000 representatives, locals and tourists.

halong 3

halong 4

The stage becomes lively and vibrant as art performances praise land and people of Ha Long.


Singers and actors/actress of Quang Ninh province perform songs of countryside.



The program involves international art delegations from China, Taiwan, etc.


Singing and dancing performance from Chinese friends


With the theme: Ha Long- The City of “Fly Dragon” aspiration, dragon dance performance.


Viewers are impressive of winding colorful dragons.


A group of Jeep car advertises for 4 major tourism centers and typical tourism places of Quang Ninh province.


Passionate dance of beautiful dancers



The model reproduced the boat racing of Halong fishermen.


Carnival gets involved many models, actors, actress, and beauties.



In the theme of the convergent land of natural masterpieces, visitors enjoy the unique value of traditional culture of Quang Ninh province…



…especially are traditional festivals together with unique culture of ethnic minority groups in region.




In addition, Carnival Ha Long 2014 gets involved thousands of actors/ actress with traditional costumes.


Locals and tourists do not miss the chance to catch nice moments at Carnival Ha Long 2014.


Carnival Ha Long 2014 closes with an art firework display.

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