Festival of Long Tien Pagoda

chua long tien

Time: March 24 lunar calendar

Place: Long Tien pagoda, near Poem Mountain’s root, Ha Long city.

Main festival on March 3 lunar calendar

Feature: procession of Duc Ong, Chinese chess, wrestling, chèo singing, etc.

Long Tien pagoda was built not far from now (in 1941) but is the biggest one in Ha Long city. The festival of Long Tien pagoda is not only for Buddhism followers but also brings spiritual meaning for all.

Long Tien pagoda is located at the root of Bai Tho mountain. This is a historical relic and famous landscape. It can be said that Long Tien pagoda is always on festival. Vietnam tourists as well as foreign tourists come here to visit while Buddhism followers burn incense and chant. Most crowded time is on mid-month and first day of month, especially on New Year holiday.

When spring season comes, it is also a season of festival in Quang Ninh province. People usually call Long Tien pagoda as Trinh pagoda. As usual, pilgrims will offer incense at Long Tien pagoda first, then continue to Yen Tu, Cua Ong temple, etc.

The procession goes through Duc Ong temple (Mr. Tran Quoc Nghien is the first son of Tran Hung Dao), An Duong Vuong temple in Vung Dang, then come back the pagoda. The elderly usually tell about palanquin contests at processions as in fairytales.

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