Phong Coc Communal House- Ha Long Bay

dinh phong coc

Phong Coc communal house 

Location: Phong Coc communal house is situated in Phong Coc commune on Ha Nam island, Yen Hung district, Quang Ninh province, 5 km from the ferry.

Characteristics: the communal house was built in late 17th century, early 18th century and has been used for worshipping the village god and quartet Nuong Saints. The architectural work was finely carved and shows vivid activities on the wood. Phong Coc communal house is shaped as “Dinh” word (Sino-Vietnamese) and consists of seven rooms and two rooms for sanctum, five rooms for worship hall and two for harem, with a total length of up to 35m and width of 15m. The pillars of the communal house are more than 1 meter in perimeter. Eight main rows of pillars and two rows of support pillars on the left are against a system of ancient curved roof, in the area of 600 square meters. Two main ironwood doors were carved with dragon patterns flying in the clouds. Through intricate carvings proved that the work was built in the brilliant period of the Vietnam architecture.

Phong Coc communal house is both an attractive destination of tourists and a place to supply precious documents for researchers of carving technique.

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