Hoang Bo Sticky Rice Wine


Coming to Ha Long tourism, you should not pay too much time for sea sightseeing, let’s spend a little time to discover Hoang Bo sticky rice wine. The wine is produced from special sticky rice by locals. Sticky rice is pounded, then cooked and kept warm. When fermented, wine makers will soak it with leaves taken from Hoang Bo forest, after a certain time, it is turned into wine. The wine is put in jars and bottles to drink.

When having guests, they invite them by jars. Hoang Bo sticky rice wine has sour and sweet taste and a stimulating effect on digestion, good beverages, especially in the summer. Hoang Bo sticky rice wine is easy to drink and hard to be drunk. But when they drink too much, you will get drunk about 2-3 days. The advantage is that drinkers do not get headaches after that, continues to operate normally, still feel fine and want to drink in next time.

The most interesting time to drink Hoang Bo sticky rice wine is when boating on Yen Lap lake, eat carp fish and enjoy romantic beautiful landscapes here.

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