[Ha Long Travel] Unforgettable Experience with Helicopter Tour

Halongbay-online.com today introduces you a new type of tour in Ha Long Bay. That is Helicopter tour.

helicopter-tour-ha-longHelicopter tour- Ha Long bay

Do you think about obverse Halong bay panoramic view? It is very amazing; you will see one of the world’s natural wonders – a bay with more than 3,000 islands at the height of 300 meters. Visitors will have stunning views to this World Natural Heritage from many different perspectives. The setting under with jade-green sea water, lime-stone islands and white sand beaches will certainly make you strongly impressed.

The air taxi service to discover Ha Long- UNESCO recognized as the World Natural Heritage. If you would like to visit Halong bay by helicopter, you will only take 45 mintues flight by helicopter MI 8 to Halong bay, The World Heritage site. Tourists will be picked up from the hotel and transfer to Gia Lam airbase where Heliport waiting for you, which is not far away from Hanoi center. By helicopter, you will have chance to see Halong from the bird eyes views.

Round ticket from Hanoi to Halong: USD 550/ person

From Feb, 2009: the round ticket rate Hanoi- Ha Long: USD 650/ person

If tourists use one-way ticket, the rate will be USD 350/person and USD 420/person

The ticket for sightseeing in Ha Long bay: USD 110/person

From Feb, 2009, the ticket for sightseeing in Ha Long bay: USD 130/person

The station and pick-up place for air taxi Ha Long at Royal Park

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