Cong Do Island in Ha Long Bay


Cong Do Island- Ha Long attraction

Cong Do Island is on the southeastern Halong Bay, about 25 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It’s included in the core area of Halong Bay, which is recognized as the World Natural Heritage Site.

This is one of many beautiful islands with winding hollows, creating an amazing natural lake as a home of many marine species such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, algae, etc.

Coral reef ecosystems of more than 700 meters long, 300 meters wide with many rare species such as red coral, horn coral reef, etc. The coral reef here is almost preserved. In the future, this place will develop into underground eco-tourism area.

Cong Do Island is the paradise of holiday. On the island, tourists can have trekking up to the hill and enjoy a panoramic view at the hilltop to charming scenery on Halong bay. It’s also an ideal place for kayaking to discover the hidden lagoons on the island and its bio-diversity. Scuba-diving service is very potential to develop on Cong Do Island.

In the southeast of Cong Do Island, archaeologists found many trails of the ancient commercial port of Van Don. These evidences prove that Cong Do Island in the past had been a transit point of goods in the system of Van Don Commercial Port.

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