Attractive Ha Long Beach Tourism Services

Attractive Ha Long Beach Tourism Services. Recently, a lot of amusement services of luxurious beach tourism have been invested into tourism areas creating attraction and elevating Ha Long cruise brands.

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The beauty of Ha Long attracted investment of a lot of economic groups and tourism companies. Luxurious cruises such as: Paradise Cruises, Syrena Cruise, Bhaya Cruise, etc. are high- class overnight stay cruises on Ha Long bay.

Not only sightseeing Ha Long bay on cruises, tourists have a chance to view Ha Long bay on seaplane service. This new service will bring tourists strange and unique experiences. The Seagull Airlines is the first private airlines providing seaplane tours in Vietnam with the high-class services for sightseeing. Departing from Hanoi, tourists will be picked up by a private shuttle bus to move to the Noi Bai International Airport and can quickly do procedures, then entering the waiting room without waiting in line. After 30 minutes on seaplane and admiring the beautiful panorama of Ha Long Bay as an ink painting at the altitude of 500-3000 meters, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy restful minutes on luxury Paradise Cruises, explore famous caves and learn distinctive features of Vietnamese culture.

Attractive Ha Long Beach Tourism Services (2)

Among leading groups of entertainment services in Quang Ninh, it must mention to Sun Group- a pioneer with many projects that change image as well as position of Ha Long tourism.

Ha Long beach that was invested by Sun Group came into operation on Aprile 30, 2015. The newly created beach has been stretched to the sea l with inclined slope not exceed 10 degrees. Around the beach area, Sun Group equipped with trees and tents that create lively landscape for the beach. Especially, services such as fresh water bath, refreshments, parking fees, etc. are at reasonable price compared with the same services in Ha Long.

Moreover, Ha Long beach is equipped with many amenities such as: free wifi, convenient freshwater bath system, Team Building area to avoid sunshine or Ocean Bar for fast food, beverage; large lounges for tourists view the sea and read book in the peaceful coastal space.

Aside from above projects, there will have a series of other entertainment projects in coming time such as: Ocean Park Complex, VinPearl Ha Long, etc. that surely bring new images and new position for Ha Long tourism.

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