Eight Vip Factors Of Seaplane In Ha Long Bay And Phan Thiet

Eight Vip Factors Of Seaplane In Ha Long Bay And Phan Thiet. Beholding spectacular scenes or keeping breathless when landing on water, etc. is experiences by seaplane to travelers.

Despite new born and recently put into operation, seaplane service of Seagull Aviation created a high- class and up-to-date experience for travelers.

The Most Modern Seaplane

Seaplane Cessna Grand Caravan EX is the most modern seaplane of USA. This brand Cessna Caravan C208 EX in 2014 was registered with number VN-B68, VN-B469 and VN-B466. Its maximum capacity is 12 passengers, speed 300 km/h. It can take off or land on normal airports and on water surface.

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Seaplanes can take off or land on normal airports and on water surface.

On June 2014, the Seagull Aviation is the first one buying three seaplanes from Cessna factory in Wichita Kansas and flied to Wipaire Inc in St Paul, Minnesota. Then it takes 60 hours from California, Hawaii, Marshall Island and Philippines to Vietnam.

VIP Check-in Counter at Airport

Passengers using seaplane service will not worry about waiting in a long line at the airport to do procedures. In contrast, they will be guided by whole- hearted staffs, check-in in a separated area without waiting. In addition, passengers’ information is prepared in advance and just need to pick up air ticket.

Private shuttle car at the seaplane parking

After finishing procedures, tourists will be guided to the seaplane parking. The crew includes an international captain and a Vietnamese co-pilot who wait in the foot of the seaplane to welcome passengers and start a safe and high- class journey.

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Beholding spectacular scenes from high

The seaplane has two seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers and wide windows that help passengers feel free to behold beautiful scenes from the seaplane and record memorable moments from the height of 150 to 3,000 meters.

Passengers will see a wonderful scene when looking from high position.

With flying speed 260 km/h, passengers not only save travelling time to famous tourist attractions but also experience beautiful views zoom in. Moreover, passengers have chances to enjoy magnificent beauty of thousands of islands in Ha Long Bay, behold green color of rice fields or long white sand in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

The only seaplane in Vietnam lands on water

Sitting on the seaplane, passengers will experience the second- to- none feeling when landing on water. Unlike other type of normal plane which land on airport runway, seaplane brings something strange but extremely cheery, especially when witnessing the seaplane moves smoothly on the water.

Staffs welcome passengers

Finishing the trip, the captain and co-pilot will support passengers on board. Passengers will be cared enthusiastically and whole-heartedly with cold towels and soft drinks. Staffs are available to consult tour services in each destination or you can share pictures you took on the seaplane.

Relax in high- class resort service in Vietnam

Enjoy 2 nights in a green and cool space with separate bungalow facing sea at Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa. You will be absolutely relaxed with unlimited spa services and a romantic dinner by candlelight and waves pounding the shore nearby.

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Relaxed with unlimited spa services

Each bungalow is designed as a simple thatched house hidden in a charming tropical garden. The main material of luxurious hotel is laterite and coral and inside furniture is mainly designed as classical style. The Guide Magazine, under the Vietnam Economic Times elected Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa as one of the “Best Resort” in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet.

Reasonable Price:

Passengers will have a chance to book seaplane tour with attractive prices:

- Tour Ha Long ½ day: Beholding Ha Long bay 2,960,000 VND/ passenger.

- Tour Ha Long ½ day: Fly from Ha Noi to Ha Long 8,278,000 VND / passenger.

- Tour Phan Thiet 3 days 2 nights: Seaplane for couples 11,000,000 VND / passenger.

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