4 Must- Visit Destinations In Southeast Asia

Thinking of taking a trip to Southeast Asia? Here are 4 Must- Visit destinations in Southeast Asia. Of which, Ha Long bay in Vietnam was highly appreciated.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

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In the “Bay of Descending Dragons”, a unique karst topography juts out of the sea in and forms some 2,000 limestone islets. These often vertical formations are covered in dense forest. A cruise among the formations is a magnificent way to spend a few days or more, landing on the islets for further exploration, rock climbing and other activities. Beware the season, though. Monsoons from June through September and again from January to March can limit visibility. In any case, it’s best to take a cruise to the outlying islands, where fewer tourists venture and the natural wonders are less explored.

Temples at Bagan, Myanmar

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There are few sunsets in the world that compare to the marigold light of the fading day that settles on the rusty patina of the thousands of temples on the Bagan plains. Unlike the temples at Angkor, Cambodia, the appeal of the Buddhist temples at Bagan lies not in their individual majesty, but rather in the high-density and endless array of similar structures lunging out of the plains. 13,000 temples used to stand in the city of Bagan, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Pagan. Some 2,000 still remain, and its this spiritual plenitude that makes a trip to Bagan unmissable.

Food of Penang, Malaysia

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There are few destinations in Southeast Asia – or the world for that matter – where the food is the main attraction. Penang, with its unique blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay influences, is an attraction to be savoured in the most literal sense. Spicy curries, delicious laksas and savoury soups are all on the menu. The vast majority of the hawker and restaurant food is extraordinarily cheap, so if you’re looking for an excuse to stop binging, look elsewhere. When you have finally had enough mango lassis, Penang’s capital, Georgetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to 200-year-old temples, mosques and colonial buildings.

Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia

4 Must- Visit Destinations In Southeast Asia

Famous attractions like Rome’s Spanish Steps or The Alamo in Texas often suffer from expectations so inflated that they only ever disappoint. This is not the case with the Temples of Angkor. First of all, the temple complex is so massive that the sheer size of the place is bound to impress. Because of its size, too, tourist hordes are thinned out. They tend to congregate around the main events: Angkor Wat, Bayon and the vine-covered Ta Phrom. The rest of the 400 square kilometres? All yours to discover. And there is much to discover. Generations of Khmer rulers built hundreds of architecturally jaw-dropping temples around the site. One day isn’t nearly enough to see it all.

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