Top delicious seafood dishes in Ha Long

Quang Ninh is famous for not only the amazing scenic Ha Long Bay, but also the wealth of seafood dishes from the very ‘top’. Seafood City by the Bay Halong / Halong Bay becomes  ideal destinations for all travelers.


Cha Muc (Squid Sausage)

Sticky rice and squid sausage

Cha Muc is the most famous food of Quang Ninh and also in the top 50 specialties of Vietnam. The main ingredient of Cha Muc, of course, is squid. However, according to local fishermen, the high quality dishes must use squid from the Halong area, which made this dish become Halong speciality.


Stuffed Pancakes with Squid Sausage

This dipped squid served with sweet scented sticky rice and chili sauce is the best and the most a popular dish at the banquets held in Halong bay. Besides, it is also a speciality that every visitor want to buy as a present.

Prawn, lobster and oyster


Halong Bay has many kinds of prawn, lobster, white pearl shrimp, or tiger shrimp. However, the most valuable and most delicious are prawn and lobster.


Another well-known seafood in Halong Bay is oyster. Oyster is a nutrition-rich food and provides a plethora of energy for your body.



Ngan is a type of hard clam. In Vietnamese, Ngan means tasteless but in fact it is quite delicious and carries a very delicate and pleasant aftertaste.


Some dishes from Ngan

Sam (Horseshoe crab)


The meat of Sam can be processed into a lot of different dishes, such as pudding crab, crab salad, sweet and sour crab legs, crab sauté with peppers and lemongrass, fried eggs and crab, steamed crabs, fried crab, fried crab’s cartilage, stir-fried crab and glass noodle.


Banh gat gu

Gat Gu cake

When you hold the top of the cake, its tail’s going up and down like we nod our head. That’s why the name is Nodding Rice Cake “Gật Gù”. These foods will absolutely make you fall in love with Halong Bay so you must be sure that you try them all at least once.

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