Ruốc lỗ- Small Octopus in Ha Long

ruoc lo

Visiting Ha Long, you will have chance to enjoy delicacies as Ruốc lỗ Ha Long. Ruốc lỗ is kind of octopus but it is as small as a kid’s big toe.

This small octopus is boiled with Allospondias lakonensis leaves. When cooked, it turns into pink color, fringe octopus curl into small circles which looks like a flower. The dish is served with shrimp paste of lemon juice, sugar, pepper and garlic.

It will be more attractive when small octopi bear egg. A dish of boiled octopi is really attractive with cool green color of five-star fruits, white color of green banana, pale purple color of apricot leaves, green color of arilia leaves, and fale pink color of octopus, especially white color of octopus egg. All shall be dipped with pepper chili shrimp paste. It can be served with roasted rice cake

Octopus as you see is more available but ruốc lỗ is not many, even rare. Therefore, ruốc lỗ becomes a specialty. There is a restaurant selling the dish in Hoang Bo, just 400 meters from Troi bridge, then turn Le Loi commune, then walk about 100 meters.

Ruốc lỗ in Hoanh Bo is boiled with guava leaves or “chùn mũn” leaves that are wild trees in forest. Ruốc lỗ Hoanh Bo owns sweet and fragrant flavor.

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