All You Need to Know BEFORE You Visit Hon Co Island in Bai Tu Long Bay

1. About Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island, or Grass Island, is located in the center of Cong Do Nature Reserve, surrounded by calm crystal-like water and numerous small islets in various beautiful shapes. As its name implies, the island has a green beauty of thick grass and other types of plant which naturally grow.The island still well remains its pristine and untouched beauty a newly discovered destination in Bai Tu Long Bay. With the white sand beaches and pristine caves with amazingly alluring stalactites, Hon Co Island is a perfect choice for those who want to escape from the crowd and enjoy a series of thrilling activities like kayaking, swimming, exploring Co Cave . From the distance, the island looks like a huge green gem rising from the water of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island

There is a majestic cave on the island that is called Co Cave by the locals. Later, it was renamed Thien Canh Son Cave (mountain landscape in the heaven). Thanks to the magnificent and inspiringly surreal beauty, all visitors to Hon Co Island want to explore this underground paradise.

2. Best Time To Visit Hon Co Island?

From October to April is the best time to visa this island. November’s sunny blue-sky days and lack of crowds make it the best time to make a beeline here.However, you shouldn’t travel here from May to September because of the tropical storms. From January to March is often cool and drizzly, and the ensuing fog can make visibility low not good for sightseeing.

Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island

3. Things to do in Hon Co Island

Staying overnight on a boat is the interesting thing to do here because you will wake up right on the island, enjoy the fresh air and watching the sunrise over one of the most beautiful island? That’s amazing, right ? A lot of tourists and even locals around the Halong city come here to relax, it has its unforgettable atmosphere and Best spot to take photos in Ha Long Bay.

Exploring Thien Canh Son Cave is thing that you cannot miss. The cave is famous for its surprisingly marvelous stalagmites and stalactites inside. To reach the cave entrance, visitors have to walk about a hundred stone steps under the green foliage. Getting inside the cave, people are sure to be overwhelmed by a plenty of glittering incredible stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and sizes. After visiting the cave, you will reach the observing point, where you can see the exceptional scenery of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay and take incredible pictures to memorize these wonderful moments.

Hon Co Island is also an ideal place for visitors to escape your daily hectic and busy life by taking part in many activities such as swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing. Pure nature and beautiful scenery will bring you much more vitality and energy.

Grass island

Grass island

4. How to get to Hon Co Island?

If you are in Hanoi, you can get from Hanoi to Bai Tu Long Bay by the 4 main transports, which includes motorbike, coach, shuttle bus, private car and helicopter. The traveling time from the Hanoi to Halong only 2.5 hours by car.

Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island

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