Ha Long travel tips from A to Z

Halong bay was recorded as world’s natural heritage, this is a complex of thousands islands. With all its stunning natural scenes, Halong has been attracting more and more tourists. However, being one of the level 1 city of Vietnam, prices here are sometimes not really pleasing, therefore we are happy to share with you tips to have a perfect trip to Halong bay.

Halong-the abnormal beauty

Halong-the abnormal beauty

1.When is the best time to visit Halong bay?

It is the best to come here in the fall from August to October, or the period from April to May is also not a bad idea and you should remember to avoid from June to September as it is the storm season in Vietnam.


From Hanoi, visitors can choose either to hire motorbikes or buy bus tickets to get to Halong bay. Motorbike offers great experience but could be a bit tiring so if you do not really love to drive, better get a ticket to stay on bus. Buses are now usually modern genarations and well-furnitured.

Bus to Halong

Bus to Halong

3.Where to stay

Halong is the land of tourism so offers are quite diverse from low cost hostels to homestays and luxury hotels. There will be always costs that match your budget so there is no need to worry, as long as you do some quick research online before hand.

Inside a low cost homestay in Halong

Inside a low cost homestay in Halong


The first thing to mention should be seeing the bay on boat, it is better to book a tour to the bay in the morning to check out the abnormal beauty of it, but if you do not mind the hot in the afternoon, you’ll be rewarded with amazing dawn in the bay.

To entertain yourself, Sun World Halong Park is quite an ideal place to visit. This is an entertainment complex which provide dozens of entertaining offers at pleasing costs. The tickets are sold at the entrance and covers all the available activities inside so it is quite a good deal.

In the evening, a round of cyclo or horse cart around Bai Chay will help to refresh you with the sea air or watching the whole city from Bai Chay bridge is also exciting.

If you are in the mood for parties, there are several bars and night clubs to chill.

And what if you’re pleased to spend some money for souvenirs? It’s ok, night market welcomes you. At the market people sell lots of goods, you can easily find sophisticated handicraft items but make sure you’re good at bargaining to avoid high costs.

Halong at night

Halong at night

Must try activities:


Your trip is incompleted if you miss kayaking on the bay. Sitting on a tiny kayak, driving it through caves to admire the astonishing natural beauty is so exciting.

-Sleep overnight on cruise

Overnight cruises there is a tiny hotel literally. They are well facilitated with private rooms, comfortable beds and windows. You can relax your body on bed and watch the spectacular mountains and jelly fishes swimming slowly right through the window at the same time.

At night, you can lie on bunker to watch the sparkling night sky and enjoy the sea wind.

-Watching the beach on hovecraft:

If cruiseship does not satisfy you, let hovercraft do it. The cost is pretty high but if budget does not matter, it is worth to invest. Sitting on a hovercraft will open your eyes at angles that other transportations could not help. Now the whole bay is in your eyes, showing it complete beauty.

The bay at dawn-viewed from cruise

The bay at dawn-viewed from cruise

5.What to eat?
For sure seafood is the top rated here in Halong, it is all fresh and delicious, very worth trying. Check out Halong bay cuisine here http://halongbay-online.com/?cat=7

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