Quang Ninh Museum, a new highlight of Halong city

Inspired by the image of coal – a typical mineral of Quang Ninh province, Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo designed the Museum – Library of Quang Ninh into an extremely unique architectural work of art. .

Quang Ninh museum

Quang Ninh museum

Located along the East Coast of Ha Long City, the architectural block of Quang Ninh Museum and Library is considered a perfect cultural work and a sustainable highlight of a famous scenic area: Ha Bay Long. This is also a massive architectural cluster with the largest investment value (over VND 900 billion) and is the first official museum built in Quang Ninh province. Once inaugurated, this has become an attractive destination attracts numerous people and visitors.

The whole block lies along the coastline

The whole block lies along the coastline

The glass cover of the block is pitch black as a giant mirror reflecting the image of Ha Long’s sky and sea, creating an unforgettable first impression to visitors. The outdoor exhibition area with the largest monolithic coal volume reached a record of Vietnam – 28 tons and will also be a place to display other unique art sculptures.

The main space of the Museum consists of 3 floors, sketching the most basic and typical features of Quang Ninh land in both space and time, from the past to the present, from the mountains to the plains, the sea with the current objects with high scientific value. Contrary to the black outside, white is the dominant color for the interior space to highlight the exhibits.

The first floor is a space of the sea and nature. The unique highlight of the first floor is the 4 display columns covered with cloth printed the image of Ha Long Bay stone mountains, combined with a light projection to create a seawater effect that makes visitors feel like they’re going in the majestic bay. Each mountain tube is a separate space for tectonic processes, the sea and marine ecosystems, endemic flora and fauna, insects. In addition to the Led screen showing documentary films on the theme, this place also has a 3D projector system that creates a feeling of “walking in the ocean” for visitors.

The models of giant whale's skeleton and boat impress tourist at the 1st floor

The models of giant whale’s skeleton and boat impress tourist at the 1st floor

The second floor is the room for many unique display areas. With the designsimulating the inner space of the boat, the first chamber is the place to display archaeological artifacts of prehistoric history, history to modern times – sketching the image of a volatile Quang Ninh land. . If the display area of Quang Ninh during the war against the French army troop covered by forest symbolizing the heroic Dong Trieu battlefield, the part for the American war period is designed as helicopter cabin which reminds of the airforce’s victories.

Items from the pre-history period

Items from the pre-history period

The spiritual cultural space associated with Yen Tu and Truc Lam Zen is placed in a separate area. There is a model of Dong pagoda and many precious ancient artifacts, in addition, there is a large screen showing the live scenes of Yen Tu Relics and landscapes 24 / 24h. Next to that is the space of the Tran dynasty heritage artifacts in Dong Trieu.

Model of Dong pagoda

Model of Dong pagoda

The last part of the Museum is the exhibition of Uncle Ho’s images taken in Quang Ninh – the place where is honored to welcome him 7 times.

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