Delicious And Unforgettable Ha Long Squid Ball

Ha Long bay has long been known for a romantic landscape all over the world. Not only beautiful, Ha Long also attracts tourists with attractive specialties. One of them is squid ball that is manually ground in traditional way. Almost tourists in Quang Ninh buy it as a present for their friends and relatives. Delicious And Unforgettable Ha Long Squid Ball

Delicious And Unforgettable Ha Long Squid Ball Part 1

After that, adding some chopped onion, a little bit fish sauce and some spoons of liquid lard and mix them continuously in about 2 minutes.

Depending on the liking of each person, we can create different shapes for the squid ball. However, you should remember to prepare a bowl of water and put a little oil on your hands to prevent them from being sticky with the squid. Using a spoon to take a little squid and then put it in your hands, roll it into a ball and press it.

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Squid ball with hot rice rolls are a perfect combination that you should taste.

Standing in front of a stall filled with pieces of fuming fried squid balls, visitors will not be able to resist its attraction. If taste a piece of warm squid ball, you will feel the full flavor of the famous dish of Quang Ninh. Sweet crispy squid pieces with marinated spicy will stimulate all senses of diners.

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Sip a soup of hot squid ball in cold days, have you tasted it?

The best way to enjoy Ha Long squid ball is when it is still hot. Tourists here usually taste it right at the stalls, and then buy more as present for their relatives and friends. Local people use squid balls with white sticky rice and rice rolls and dip with fish sauce.

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Hot fried squid balls are sold right in stalls of markets.

Due to manually ground, the price of Ha Long squid ball is more expensive than other kind, but its flavor and quality is much better. Quang Ninh has ground squid ball, but it is not considered as a specialty. To date, there are many units specialized in making and selling squid ball within Ha Long city; hence, tourists can easily buy it in markets and witness at steps of processing.

If you have the opportunity to tour Ha Long Bay, besides setting the stunning sea, visitors should miss out the squid ball made in traditional way. It is reported that the Ha Long City People’s Committee is considering and drawing geographical indication for Ha Long squid ball. The promotion Ha Long squid ball product helps to enhance its competitive advantage in the market, protecting its reputation and prestige. This is a good opportunity to introduce this specialty to the national and international market.

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