Thien Cung Cave- A Secret Paradise Underground

dong thien cung

After completing procedures, getting on board Ha Long cruise and starting a journey discovering most beautiful caves in Ha Long bay such as: Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, etc.

Thien Cung cave has landscapes which are compared as palaces on heaven. The cave is located on the southwest of Ha Long bay, 4km from boat port on Dau Go island at a altitude of 25 meters. The way to Thien Cung cave is very rocky, luxuriant trees on two sides; going through a narrow cave entrance will be a large space with the length of 130 meters. The deeper we go, the more surprised we get due to marvelous beauty of stalactite.  The east of cave looks as a majestic picture, in which highlight with fairytale characters.

Both majestic and small sculptural blocks are meticulously made by the Creator’s hands. The cave is associated with the legend of Dragon King. The legend said that after the Dragon King helped locals fight against foreign invaders, he came back his cave. At that time, drought happened much so farmers beg the Dragon king for help. To congratulate the wedding, Dragon flies in cloud forest of stalactite, elephants dance, huge snakes roll around ancient trees, two stone lions also dance, eagles stretch its wings, all wait for groom and bride. The cave center has four big pillars, from foot of each pillar are carved with strange patterns such as birds, fish, activities of human, and flowers.

On the north of cave are fairies dancing for wedding congratulation, under cave’s arch are stalactites as a marvelous stone blind. Coming to last compartment of the cave, you will see arrays of white, blue, red light mixed together and create a shimmering landscape; a natural spring is flowing all year round. According to the legend, Cloud fairies usually bathe for her 100 children here and bring them up. A winding way leading to outside is the way Cloud fairies and her 50 children leave to discover new lands, 50 remaining and his dad stay in cave to build the country with a precious thing of Fairy Breast full of energy that their mothers left. Thien Cung cave makes us feel like visiting a meticulous, unique and interesting art museum that is beyond people’s imagination.

Experiencing a Ha Long tour, Ms. Morgan from England said: “I see that this place is very peaceful, beautiful landscape, winding mountains. I am from England; our country does not have caves as well as mountains that bring that feeling, so sure that I will keep memories of this place”.

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